Pearl of the Sayan, Ergaki

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  • District : Krasnoyarsk Territory
  • Tour type : Mountain
  • Duration : 4 and more
  • Season : June - August
Pearl of the Sayan, Ergaki

A tent camp in Ergaki (Western Sayan)

Ergaki is a harsh, but amazingly beautiful mountainous country in the Western Sayan. Bizarre peaks collected in a compact area, dissimilar valleys with colorful lakes, endless fields of boulder streams and cedar taiga. Cold and clean water with a special taste in every creek. These places emit strong energetics. Here a man experience himself and the world around. Having been to Ergaki once you will want to come back again and again by all means.

We invite you to active hiking on radial routes to the main attractions of Ergaki with accommodation in a tent camp. As well as 8-15 day trekking: "The Heart of Ergaki", "Songs of mountain waterfalls", "All Ergaki", "On the Aradansky ridge", esoteric tour "The Fifth Dimension". You can take part in a photo-tour, yoga tour and go through the school of mountain tourism in Ergaki.

The tent camp for 50 persons located in the center of Ergaki around The Lake Cozy. Moving to the camp is carried out by a easy path (about 4 km from the parking, near the Training Center of Defense of the Russian Federation). Accommodation in the town is differentiated by the level of comfort.

Accommodation conditions:


Accommodation in your tents and sleeping bags on wooden decks.


4-person tents on wooden decks with two 2-bed rooms and a large vestibule, travel mats, sleeping bags.


3-bed spacious tents on wooden decks for 2-person and 3-person accommodation, inflatable beds, sleeping bags.

Tourist furniture are set in the vestibule: table, chairs.


6-bed insulated base tent "Pole" on a wooden platform with an iron stove, tourist mats, sleeping bags.


2-person insulated tent "Pole" on a wooden platform with an iron stove and a large window with the view to Ergaki Hanging Rock, two single beds, pillows, sleeping bags, blankets. An optional seat: cot, bed linen, pillow, sleeping bag, blanket.

In a tent with a table, there are two folding chairs, toilets behind the separation wall.


Accommodation on a wooden platform in the camp for guests with their tents and sleeping bags (without participation in the camp program).

In the camp there is an equipped fire place with general camp, a place for cooking (gas), a table and benches under the wash, WC                                      

The infrastructure of the camp "The Sayan Pearl":

tent camp;

forest cafe with the evening cinema and board games;

catering department;

tourist bath with a shower;

dryer for clothing and footwear;

campfire place under the tent for evening get-togethers;

staff that combines administration, rescue station, ecological station and a place of registration;

clean toilets;

recreation ground: volleyball, Russian game gorodki ;

camp for guests with equipped fire place, a place for cooking (gas), table and benches under the wash, toilet.

Duration of the visit (time for transfer is not included): 8 days / 7 nights.

For individual arrival / departure- for any number of days.

Dates of visits in the camp (time for transfer is not included):

A visit on every Saturday from June 13th to August 29th , 2015


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Tour price (time for transfer is not included):


1st visit

(7 days), rub/person

2nd visit

(14 days), rub/person

1 day

(over 7 days), rub/person/day

1 day (accommodation for less than 7 days) rub/person/day

Additional overnight

(no food included), rub/








































300 rub/day -1-2 person tent, 500 rub/day 3-4 person tent

* visits 13-20.06, 20-27.06, 22-29.08. For categories VIP and "Guest" price for all visits are the same.

Discount for children:

Up to 2 years (inclusive) - free

From 3 to 6 years (inclusive) - 50% discount

From 7 years to 12 years (inclusive) - 30% discount

Discounts for regular customers, for groups over 4 persons- 10%

Discount for children groups (from 12 years, 10 children + 1 group head) - 10%

The price for corporate customers: according to the request

The price includes:

- Meeting on the road to the camp during group visits;

- Accommodation in a camp, according to the selected option;

- 3 meals a day (lunch on the route-snack- tea and sandwiches);

- Fire equipment, utensils;

- The work of instructors, excursions;

- Sauna (3 times according to the schedule - Sunday, Tuesday and Friday);

- Accident insurance.

The price does notinclude:

- transfer

You can use different possible ways to get to the camp:

- By train or plane to Abakan or Krasnoyarsk, continue by car or by bus;

- Independently by bus Krasnoyarsk-Kyzyl;

- By your personal vehicle.

Transfer: Krasnoyarsk -Ergaki -Krasnoyarsk - 3500 rubles, one way - 2000 rubles.


Safety instructions in the tent camp "The Sayan Pearl"

Camp participants should:

Keep discipline, follow all instructions of administration: instructors, camp leader, connected to security travelling.

Submit to the established schedule in the camp.

By all means follow the guide`s instructions on the route, be kind to each other on difficult paths and provide mutual help to each other. Be tolerant to the interests of all tour participants.

Be careful traveling on the route: in bad weather, on slippery, wet paths, decks, slopes, walking on the stones.

Do not leave the camp without permission, if you want to take a walk around you should tell the instructor of the camp and write about it in the special journal. If it is necessary to stop on the route you should inform the instructor.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, giving freedom to your movements and corresponding to the season, weather and the program. Keep available warm things (at night and on the route may be sudden changes of weather), raincoat in case of bad weather.

If you want to help the instructors, please, be careful with firewood, when using a chainsaw, axes, cutting, piercing objects.

Be careful using the tourist bath (sauna), do not sit too close to the stove, to avoid getting burned by the steam, carefully go out of the bath.

At the campfire submit to the rules of fire safety, personal safety and environmental protection. Do not use the open fire in the tents: candles, oil stoves, lighters, do not smoke and keep in the tents flammable substances (property damage provides financial responsibility). It is forbidden to bring to the route any fire, gas, cold and others weapon, as well as any narcotic drugs.

Smoking in the camp is possible only in the designated areas.

Personal products should be put in a separate package and brought to the kitchen. Do not keep food in the tent, it attracts wild animals!

Food waste should be dumped only in the designated areas.

Rubbish should be put in the bins (separated by glass, cans, polyethylene, paper, etc.).

Using the facilities of the camp (gas, kitchen, tents, sleeping bags, mats, etc.) you should know the service instructions.

To avoid infection, gastrointestinal diseases do not drink water from open reservoirs, use water only for drinking tea or boil it.

Do not approach animals at a dangerous distance, do not touch the animals, poisonous and thorny plants. If you meet a bear you should leave it in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the bear`s motion, not looking at its eyes and not turning back. When you move in a group - gather in a heap. It is forbidden to run away, make sharp movements, behave aggressively.

Do not taste unknown plants, fruit and mushrooms.

Keep personal hygiene, immediately inform the head of the camp if you feel bad or have injury.

Have individual first aid set containing necessary drugs (if you have any specific diseases, allergies).

When you travel by bus it is prohibited: to stand in the bus lanes, move around the bus while it is in motion, smoke, drink alcohol, distract the driver, lean out of the windows of the bus, get off the bus until it stops.

Respect local traditions and customs, take care of the nature, historical and cultural monuments, be careful to personal and group equipment.

Remember safety instructions during all the tour on the territory of Natural Park "Ergaki".

The rules of behavior on the territory of National Park "Ergaki".

Walk only on the existing paths.

Walk in the middle of a chain of the path, even when there is the slush and mud.

Do not throw any garbage on the paths. Leaving the halt, take all the garbage with you.

Do not break the glassware. Do not keep your products in glass packaging, better to repack them in plastic containers.

Do not use chemical cleansers in natural waters. You can not wash dishes in rivers and lakes of the park.

Do not take pets with you.

Do not throw cigarette butts in the forest.

Do not make noise. Do not disturb birds and animals!

Do not break the signs.

Do not leave any inscriptions on rocks, stones.

Do not pick flowers. Do not pick berries and mushrooms

Do not damage the tree bark and twigs, do not leave the inscriptions on them!

Do not feed, do not disturb and do not catch animals (chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits and other animals).

To make a fire use only dead wood! Before leaving, carefully pour the coals with water!

It is also prohibited to hunt and fish in Ergaki, use a water-motor vehicle, wash cars; travel outside the M54 highway.


Swimming in lakes and rivers

It`s permitted to:

swim only after checking of the reservoir by the instructor under control of a guide;

It`s prohibited to:

swim alone without supervision of the instructor;

dive from the steep bank (heugh) on the untested parts of the reservoir, in prohibited areas;

swim at night, in cold weather;

swim in the forbidden waters.

Travel arrangements in Ergaki

1.      Backpack 60-100 liters.

For carrying personal things to the camp and back.

2.      Trekking backpack.

It is needed on the routes to put spare warm clothes, socks, rain gear, water bottle, snack and other necessary things.

3.      3 pairs of shoes.

You should protect legs on the route.

The first pair:

- comfortable summer trekking boots with water-repellent - shoes with non-slip sole and shoes that are ready to "survive" on the route in severe conditions.

The second pair:

  - rubber boots with inner soles. It is a necessary thing in the Sayan Mountains. Especially they are needed when getting to the camp traveling on wet lands and during rainy days;

The third pair:

- rubber slippers are useful for bath and relaxation in the camp even on rainy days.

4. Raincoat, breathable or two plastic ones (easily torn because of the bushes).

Rains and fogs in Ergaki are very common, and the weather in the mountains is changing very rapidly, so raincoat should always be at hand.

5. Clothes - the bottom and the top of your clothes should be made of a strong, light, windbreaking, quick-drying cloth (such as encephalitis suit), fleece jacket in case of cold weather, socks.

We also recommend you to take a pair of cotton gloves, they will be useful on the paths with stones in bad weather.

6.Warm clothes for the camp - sweater, warm pants, knit cap, thermal underwear, warm socks, jacket. In the evening in the mountains are rather cool. Your clothes should be warm and always dry.

7.Swimsuit, shorts, t-shirts- 3-4 pieces.

Sometimes there can be hot days in Ergaki ... Swimming in lakes, waterfalls ... Air baths in the mountain air ... but you shouldn`t take too many clothes, it is better to take more warmer things.


Socks cannot be too many, moreover they are small and light. Socks are recommended for trekking, better water transpiration - 2 couples. Also warm woolen socks are absolutely nonfungible. Casual cotton socks will be useful too.

9.Cap with a peak, bandana with a peak covering the neck.

At the height the layer of atmosphere is thinner, so it takes more ultraviolet and sunburn is formed faster. The sunlight affects nose and neck, which should be covered on the route.

10.Sunburn cream.

11. Repellents from bloodsucking insects.

Usually in Ergaki there are not so many insects, but few years ago in June and July there is a large number of mosquitoes and horseflies. Because of high altitude there are not so many mites in Ergaki.

12.Spare laces, inner soles.

13. first-aid set, if you need specific medicine.

14. torch, preferably headlamp, with replaceable batteries. The camp at night is not lighted up.

15.Personal care items, bath towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and so on.

16.Personal set: cup, spoon, bowl, jack-knife.

17. Thermos bottle, liter plastic water bottle.

18.Hoba (a seat).

Hoba - a small polyurethane seat with a rubber band. A very useful thing on the routs that can be used every day. You won`t feel any discomfort sitting on the cold stones, wet ground. In addition it has 1001 methods of application, for example, inflate the fire, can be used as a table, etc. When buying it, remember the rule, the thicker the Hoba, the more comfortable and it is.

19.Another sleeping bag

If you are the happy owner of a warm sleeping bag, take it with you by all means. Firstly, two sleeping bags (including our bag) - are warmer than one, secondly, your own bag is closer to your body.

20.Camera, videocamera, games.

21. You can take a hand flare, and whistle to scare away wild animals. In any case, on a route such tools are available.

22. Money in small denominations (souvenirs, charging, field service café, rent, etc.).

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